Welcome to HowardTechnical.com.

Howard Technical provides technology development services including the following:

  • Electronic Hardware Design (Schematic, PCB layout)
  • Embedded Firmware Development
  • CAD Design of Mechanical Components
  • Software Development (Windows, Linux, Android, iOS)
  • Database Design (MySQL, MSSQL, SQLite, etc.)
  • Web Application Development (JavaScript, PHP, HTML, CSS)
  • System Integration
  • Interfacing with hardware production facilities

More than just great hardware and software solutions

Our customers should expect three things:

  • Leading-edge designs utilizing the latest technology (as appropriate)
  • A shared concern for finding the best value
  • Transparency and integrity like that between friends

What does this mean?

It means we will not steer you in the direction that is the most comfortable and beneficial for us, unless it is also the best value for you.  It means we are constantly expanding our own horizons to make sure we can provide the best new electronic or software technology.  It means we use and support open source software wherever possible.  It means we give you all the design files, with no strings attached.  We’re pretty sure you’ll want to do business with us again.